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This is the perfect place to find a great selection of dog clothes, boots, leashes and collars from designer to discount dog clothes specials.

What size is your pooch?

Tea cup, toy, tiny, small, medium or large, we have the clothes and accessories to suit your dog.

You can choose from many styles of boots, leashes and collars.

In our accessory section we have a large selection of pet accessories such as traveling crates and bags, small dog car seats, air carriers, dog tots, beds for all sizes, drinking and feeding bowls, toys for cats and dogs.

What dog breed is best for your lifestyle?

We have gathered information on cats and dogs which we hope you will find helpful.

There is also a pet gallery for you to send your pet’s pictures and a blog on which we hope you will send your comments and ideas and where we can exchange helpful hints.

How we love our cats and dogs...

Some of us are cat people; some of us are dog people but regardless of which category we fall into, most of us are crazy about our pets.

In the world we live in today, our cats and dogs are often the first one to greet us when we come home if not the only ones.

Our pets love us unconditionally. They are our never ending source of cuddles and kisses.

They are our soul mates, our best friends and sometimes they are our surrogate children.

The bonds we form with our pets are often the longest and strongest relationship we will have in our lives.

For most of us there is no limit to what we will do for them.
They are part of our family.