Cleaning common pet stains

Cleaning common pet stains go hand in hand with owning cats and dogs.

When you own a pet, you can expect at some point that you will need to clean up after it. Whether it is an upset stomach or a house training accident, pets will now and then make a mess in the house.

The good news: Many of today’s cleaning products are easier to use and best of all remove any trace that an accident ever occurred.

Always remember, pet messes are infrequent, but their love is constant Here are a few do’s and don’ts when cleaning common pet messes.


If you own a puppy, senior or ill dog. You’ve likely dealt with puddles.

Follow these tips for an effective cleanup:

The easiest way is to use cleaning products specially designed to clean pet messes. These products use a variety of technologies to remove stains and neutralize odours.

• If you don’t have any special pet cleaning products, gather some paper towels, water, dishwashing liquid and vinegar. - Blot the stain with paper towels.

- Clean the spot with a few drops of dishwashing liquid and one cup of warm water.

- Rinse with fresh water, and blot dry.

- Next, add one third cup of white vinegar to two-thirds cup of water, and dab on stain. Vinegar neutralizes odours.

- Rinse with water, and blot dry for a second time.

- Then sprinkle carpet with baking soda or rug deodorizer and vacuum.

• Never scrub or wipe the stain, as this distorts the carpet fibres. Always blot and press.

• Don’t use steam cleaners to remove urine from carpet since heat bonds urine protein to the carpets fibres.

• Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners. A by-product or decomposing waste, ammonia will smell like urine to your dog, attracting him back to the same spot.

• If you can smell the accident but don’t see it, turn off the lights and shine a UV light (black light), available at pet supply stores, onto the carpet or furniture to locate both old and new stains. Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Although the process of cleaning urine on hardwood is more straightforward than that of cleaning carpet, it's still important to get to the accident quickly.

If left too long, dog urine can soak into hardwood, seeping into cracks, staining the wood and creating a lingering odour.

• Get a dry cloth and thoroughly wipe up any remaining liquid.

• Wet a clean cloth with the cleanser, until it is saturated, but not dripping.

• Go over the stained area with the damp cloth, then wipe dry.

• If the wood is stained badly, you might have to sand it and re-varnish. If your dog continues to urinate on your hardwood floor, your could eventually be faced with replacing your floor.

• The instructions given here should serve as general guidelines. Be sure to read the directions on the specific cleanser you’ve selected. Vomit and feces:

Beware, because it can stain your carpet depending on your pet’s diet and medicines it ingests:

• Pick up as much of the solid material as you can, using a dustpan or spatula.

• Use a hand-held or upright steam cleaner to extract remaining soiled material.

• For fecal matter, apply a stain and odour remover designed for this purpose.

• If vomit or blood is present, use a cleaning agent specifically designed to treat stains on carpet, not fabric.

If the cleaning agent involves using water, use cool water not hot. Hair:

You can’t stop pets from shedding, but you can control the loose hair

• Brush your pets daily to remove dead hair and keep their coats in good shape.

• Use pet rakes, pet hair sponges, damp all-purpose brush, adhesive tape rollers, velour brushes, and lint brushes on dry upholstery and carpets to lift pet hair.

• Try a pet hair magnet to dislodge hair embedded in upholstery.

• Use a hand-held or upright vacuum with a beater brush to loosen pet hair from carpet or furniture.

• Wipe an electrostatic dusting cloth across furniture and electrostatic sweeper across floors, to loosen and pick up pet hair.

• Before vacuuming, use one of the new antistatic deodorizing foams or sprays to break the static charge that bonds pet hair to fabric and carpet.