Easiest to train dog breeds

This is a list of the easiest to train dog breeds

The dogs on this list learn your commands much fastest than other breeds do.

So naturally we tend to think of them as more "intelligent" .

However, it does not mean they actually are more intelligent, they are breeds that are naturally prone to pleasing their owners.

Some breeds that are considered as very hard to show new commands to maybe just as "smart" , may have many tricks up there sleeves, be ruse as a fox, brilliant at finding lost objects but simply do not take easy to new commands.

It does not mean they are less "intelligent" or "stupid" by any means, it just mean they have a mind of their own.

This list should be used as a guide only. You could get a dog selected from this list and that particular individual learn slower than it's breed standard.

Top 34 easiest to coach dog breeds

Top 34 easiest to train

Australian cattle dog

Border Collie

Doberman Pincher

German Sheppard dog

Golden retriever

Labrador retriever

Miniature Poodle



Shetland sheepdog

Standard Poodle

Toy Poodle

Australian Sheppard

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Sheepdog

Belgian Tervuren


Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cocker Spaniel
English Cocker Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

Flat-coated retriever
German shorthaired pointer

Irish water spaniel

Miniature Schnauzer

N.S. duck tolling retriever

Pembroke welsh corgi


Standard Schnauzer