Kennel or pet store, where to get my new puppy?

Isn't he precious looking and so cute with his nose pressed on the pet store window! And his sad eyes Ah...

It’s so sad you wish you could bring them all home.

Of course most of us are not aware of the fact that unfortunately pet shops get these puppies from puppy mills or from backyard breeders.

It would be a better world for animals if all pet stores sold pet related products and left the animals to the breeders.

These pet stores are making money as long as you buy their puppies which results in a much greater demand for puppy mills.

The fact is that those puppies have been deprived of quality care and nutrition at the most important stage of their young life could affect them for the rest of the dogs lives.

The most important thing you need to consider when buying a puppy is the quality care it has received.

Your newest addition to your family needs love and affection in its early stages.

These are some of the most influential times of your pup’s life.

That is what makes the decision between buying from a pet store vs. breeders so important.

Most pet stores are obviously in business to make profit at all cost and an easy way to do this is by getting their animals in the cheapest way possible.

Puppy mills mass breed puppies in terrible conditions, sort of like a caged farm animal.

They lack veterinary care which allows them to have low overheads and sell puppies cheap to pet stores.

Pet stores then tend to overcharge you for puppies that you have no idea what environment they have come from.

Nor will you know the conditions of their parent’s environment when buying from pet store vs breeders.

This is important because it will tell you a lot about how your puppy has been cared for.

Every year we hear horrible stories in the News about atrocities that have happened in puppy mills.

Animals kept in unforeseen conditions, forced to lie in their own feces, piled one on top of another, hardly fed, having as many litters a year as possible, never letting the female rest between them.

We are beside ourselves when we hear such stories, we want these terrible people punished and yet we constantly encourage them by buying puppies they mass produce!

We could reduce this abuse in half if we stopped buying pets at pet stores.

A good dog breeder will never sells his puppies through a pet store as he will have no control over who buys the puppies.

You will find good breeders are very affectionate towards their puppies and want nothing more than for them to be well cared for and have a responsible owner.

This is why they will advertise and sell their puppies directly and not through pet stores.

People who buy from pet store vs breeders have usually made a spur-of-the moment decision.

Those cute adorable pups in the cages can be so tempting and many people will buy on an impulse.

Sadly these are the puppies that you find may eventually end up in shelters when the owner realizes that this pup doesn’t suit their lifestyle or they can’t afford to keep them.

Let's all remember that getting a pet is a long term and important commitment.