Puppy training and house training

Puppy training and house training should start as soon as you come home with your new puppy.

As we suggested before, it is a good idea to plan your vacation or some time off so you can spend all your time with your new pup.

The more time you will spend at the beginning, the quicker and easier your dog will be house trained. It will pay off in the long run. You and your new pup will benefit from it forever.

Remember to keep it light positive and fun for you and your pup.

This is a very important and precious time you will spend bonding with your new doggy.

If you feel yourself losing patience, it is better to stop immediately.

You do not want your pup to be scared of these sessions. This needs to be a quality and fun time that you will spend with your pup.

It is important to establish specific house training rules:

When you see your puppy sniffing the ground managing your puppy’s environment by having 100% supervision by an adult while he is free in the house.

When this becomes impossible confine your puppy to a small puppy-proof room.

A dog crate is a good alternative because your puppy will not relieve himself where he is sleeping. Make sure you don’t choose a crate to big for your pup and if it is a larger crate, use a divider.

Spinning or squatting; these are signs that nature is calling.

As soon as you realize this:

Get your puppy outside to the target designated area.

Always go out using the same door.

If you are training him to go inside, bring him to the paper pad or newspaper which you always put in the same determined spot.

Always, always praise him verbally by saying

Good dog!

Give him a treat to reinforce your approval

Take him to his designated toilet area

-20 minutes after drinking or eating.

-Always after playing.

-Immediately as soon as he wakes up.

Take him out using the same door every 30 to 40 minutes.

Avoid giving him water 2 to 3 hours before he goes to sleep at night.

Puppies need a routine schedule

Feed him at the same time each morning and evening; provide constant access to fresh drinking water during the day.

Puppies that eat at the same time every day have constant toilet schedule.

Always provide a designated toilet area that does not resemble anything in your home. Training the puppy to eliminate on concrete, blacktop, grass, or dirt is good.

The puppy should never be encouraged to eliminate on anything that resembles the hardwood flooring, tile or carpet he may encounter in a home.

Praise and reward your puppy every time he eliminates in the established toilet area.

The puppy must be able to associate toileting in the established areas with good things, such as dog treats, toys and praise for his owner.

Establish short words to use with your dog and make sure everyone in the household uses the same words.

Like using the command outside? as you send him out using the same door each time to go to the toilet.

Saying Good Boy or Good Girl Good dog! as soon as they are done.

The don’ts of house training your puppy

Never reprimand or punish the puppy for mistakes.

Punishing the puppy will only cause fear and confusion.

Do not give the puppy the run of the house until he has been thoroughly house trained.

Do not leave food out for the puppy. Keep to a set feeding schedule in order to make the dog’s toilet schedule as consistent as possible.

Finally it is important to be patient when house training a puppy.

House training can take as long as several months, but it is much easier to train right the first time than to retrain a problem dog.

House training is not always the easiest thing to do, and some dogs tend to be much easier to house train than others.

It is important, however to be patient, consistent and loving as you train your dog.

A rushed, frightened or intimidated dog will not be able to learn the important lessons of house training.

You will find that that if you are patient, consistent and follow all these steps, housebreaking your puppy will be easier than you ever expected.

Keep your dog busy


No matter what breed you have, it is a good idea to groom them by brushing or combing once a day.

It is always better to start grooming your puppy as soon as possible in order to get them used to it.

Another thing that grooming does as well as keeping the dog clean, is it bonds owner and dog and it also gets them used to physical contact. This is especially important if you want a show dog.

Take your dog for a walk

Let’s go for a walk! Ranks as most dogs’ second favorite phrase, topped only by are you hungry?

A good vigorous walk every day provides good exercise for both you and your dog.

Creatures of habit, dogs like walking the same route everyday, sniffing the same places checking to see who has been by this way.

However if you go someplace new, your dog will be excited as he investigates everything around him.

These are five activities to entertain you puppy that he will love and will help to create a long and deep lasting bond between you.

Playing at finding a toy:

The find a toy game is fun and it really does use your puppy’s mind.

The puppy will learn to use smells more directly and again this can be useful, especially to breeds such as bloodhounds for example.

In order to play the game you will need to start by keeping your puppy on a lead and tying it to a chair or something similar.

Have a few different objects with you and allow the puppy to watch you as you place each one down on the floor. Next get the puppy’s favorite toy and let him see that too as well as smell it.

Next untie the lead discreetly, throw the toy over by the other objects and tell your puppy to fetch.

As soon as he does, praise him to let him know that he did the right thing.

You will notice that the more that you do this game, the more the puppy will get used to picking out his toy.

That is when you start to change things around a little and introduce more objects for him to pick out.

Hide and seek

The hide and seek game is another fun and bonding exercise which you can do with your puppy. It basically teaches the puppy to come to you. It is educational as well as fun.

Basically you start off by telling your puppy to sit and then stay.

Next go and hide behind whatever you can and wait a few seconds before calling the dog to you.

He should quickly and easily find you. As soon as he does, praise him excitedly and tell him how good he is.

Every time that you play the game you should aim to make it a little more difficult in order to challenge your puppy’s mind.

The high jump and the bar jump

Teaching your puppy to jump will give him good fitness and also keep his mind active.

In the beginning you should simply just walk over the jump and try to see if that works.

If not then you can always place the puppy on one side of the jump and you go on the other before calling him to you. As soon as your puppy jumps over the jump, praise him excitedly and let him know that he did the right thing.

As he gets older you may want to raise the jump so that it will be more challenging.

The bar jump is basically the same as the high jump but the bar starts at the very bottom of the jump which makes it a lot easier to jump over. The idea is to raise the jump after each session.

Taking your puppy to dog training school

It is a good idea for you and your puppy to follow a basic dog training course.

You can choose a group class or a one on one session. Some trainers will even come to your home.

It is amazing what both you and your puppy will learn.

It is important to choose a reputable school in your area.