Picking your puppy from the litter to bring home

Which puppy will you bring home when you have the pick of the litter?

You made your choice; you have chosen a breed that suits your personality and your needs.

After all this research, the big day is here; You are finally ready to choose your pup at the breeder.

First observe the litter from afar

See how the dogs interact with one another.

Is one hiding in a corner?

As tempted as you maybe by this adorable shy puppy it is best to avoid him especially if your puppy is going to be around small children.

This behavior can indicate a fearful nature which can result in future issues with aggression such as fear biting.

These puppies tend to be anti-social with other pets as well as people.

However this is not always the case and if you are willing to spend the time to socialize and train your dog this can be overcome but it does take the extra time.

Is one more asserting than the other?

The dominant pushy pup that is terrorizing all the other pups is not the best choice either.

Although this is usually the most entertaining puppy to watch, it can tend to get difficult when you are the one being terrorized.

This particular pup is likely to grow into a dog that wants to be the alpha dog of your family. This dog is not impossible to train but it is more of a challenge.

Which one is the best puppy?

The ideal puppy in the litter is usually the one in the middle, not too shy or too rough.

Generally a pup that has this status in the litter has a better ability to adapt and will fit in with your family quite comfortably.

When you extend your hand, do they shy away or lick it and bite gently?

Licking and biting gently is what the pup should be doing.

What do you see when you examine the dog?

Your puppy’s coat should be glossy and the skin smooth not dry or flaky

Check for discharge from eyes, ears and nose

Check his teeth, you should find nice pink firm gums

Does the puppy seem lethargic?

Puppies sleep most of the day away but when he is awake, the puppy should be lively and playful.

If he shows sings of lethargy, it maybe signs that something is not quite right with the puppy.

How does the puppy react when you play with it?

The ideal puppy will allow you to have a pat and come towards you when you call it.

A good sign that the pup feels comfortable with you is being able to roll them on their backs.

If you are able to do that, it usually means that he trusts you and that it can make the perfect pet for you.

Very hard to do but a good idea if at all possible

You will get a better idea of the puppy’s temperament if you visit him more than once before choosing the right one.

Have fun choosing your new puppy and read up and learn how to take care of your new family member.

Most important

Once you have picked up your brand new puppy it is good to have a vet give it a complete check over.

They will often be due for vaccinations and worming as well.

This way you will assure yourself that you have done everything possible so that bringing your puppy home will be a perfect experience.

Once you’re at home sitting with a puppy on your lap, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without such a loving friend.

New dog owner, my cousin Denise Martin who lives in Hardwick, New-Brunswick, Canada, said she made the right decision in buying Ranger, now an 8 month American cocker spaniel.

She fell for his soulful eyes and goofy grin, but in reality she and husband Eric watched a multitude of videos, read books, saw a veterinarian, visited several breeders and looked at many pups.

I just adore him, He’s the greatest dog! Denise said.
And of course he is!